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While the primary focus of a home alarm system has remained the same – to protect the home – the means by which that goal is accomplished has evolved over the years thanks to growing technology trends. In days gone by, bars on windows and locks on doors were the primary way to keep intruders out of your home. But now, more sophisticated means are being applied by home alarm companies.

Wireless Home Alarm Monitoring

Traditional home security systems included complicated wiring that had to be installed in a customer’s walls. Not only was this often messy for the homeowner during installation – but the systems often failed during a power outage. Another issue with traditional wired systems is that removing them is hard and messy; prompting some customers to stick with a company they may not like just to avoid the hassle of removing the equipment.

With a wireless system, installation of the system’s base units is minimally invasive and oftentimes includes only the connection of the base to your phone jack. Additional units communicate wirelessly with the base unit, eliminating the need for further interior wiring.

No landline? No problem! According to a recent study by the CDC, up to 23 percent of homes in the US today rely solely on cellular phones versus a traditional landline phone. These clients still are able to obtain home security monitoring thanks to new technology that uses cell phones to connect to a home alarm monitoring system. Using wireless technology, home security alarms are able to contact authorities without a traditional landline should your home security system be breached. An additional benefit to using a cellular connection is that thieves cannot prevent your system from automatically alerting authorities by cutting your home’s phone line.

Because of ease of use, and increased protection, wireless home alarm systems are the biggest trend in new technology for alarm systems for the home.

Phone Home – Remote Home Alarm Monitoring

With the advent of Smart phones, people are able to do many things with the push of a button or touch of a screen they couldn’t accomplish before. Among those things is the remote monitoring of their home security alarm.

Of the five top-ranked home security systems in the United States, all offer some form of wireless system with remote cellular access. ADT, Brinks, LifeShield and FrontPoint Security are among those companies providing their customers with the option of managing their home alarm from their Smart phones. A mobile application is made available to customers, which can be uploaded to their phones and used to manage the security system. Management includes allowing customers to arm or disarm their systems, turn on lights, and unlock or lock doors remotely with the use of their Smartphone.

The use of cellular phone technology has been among the fastest-growing trends in home security alarms.

Security Cameras and Wi-Fi Monitoring

Security cameras used to be big, bulky and very obvious. While some would argue the obvious presence of a camera would prevent crime, others might argue that it would simply alert thieves they must be more cautious. Another downfall was that cameras often recorded onto bulky tapes that had to be viewed from start to finish.

Today’s security cameras have taken leaps and bounds into the future, and come in packages so small that their presence is very rarely detected. In addition to being smaller in size, technology also allows home alarm companies to provide the option to its clients to view their homes at any time, from anywhere. Through use of a Wi-Fi connection and a device such as a laptop, tablet or Smartphone, clients are able to patch into their home alarms system and view their home in real time.

Footage obtained from these cameras can be stored on the client’s computer, or on a secure server at the home alarm monitoring company, eliminating the need for storage of and review of bulky tape recordings. According to statistics compiled by home security companies, up to 52 percent of their clients are expected to make use of this technology to help keep their homes safe and secure by the year 2016.

Many of the top alarm systems for the home have this latest technology available to customers. Still not sure which company is right for you? Find the best home alarm systems and get free quotes with HomeAlarmFinder.com.

Article by Shari Berg, HomeAlarmFinder.com

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